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Georgian Center is proud to be a sponsor of the special school in Bebnisi which provides education and comfort for over 18 children with special needs. Mother Ekaterina established this school in 2008 within the Mother’s Monastery of Bebnisi. The school quickly gained the ground due to lack of existence of such schools in the districts. This school not only provides education and emotional comfort for kids but it also supports parents and families who can now focus on day-to-day activities knowing their loved ones are in good hands during the day when they are at work.  



In December of 2015, Georgian Center raised money for helping most vulnerable in Georgia, and Co-founder of Georgian Center George Bitadze traveled to Georgia to identify rightful beneficiaries of this fund. The preference was given to Bebnisi School of special education for very simple reason; such schools are rare in Georgia and especially in rural areas where help is most needed. 


 Georgian Center handed over the computer equipment and other Christmas presents to students with special needs. This is a first aid of such kind this school ever received and teachers are curtain that technology will enhance the curiosity and educational ego into their students, which itself significantly help them with self-esteem and further integration into community. 

We are planning to continue this program and ask for everyone’s generosity in support of this special school for the path of integration of most vulnerable into general society.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and it will be fully directed to this cause.


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